Creating is fun

At Elim Early Learning Centre we consider the learning journey of each child to be unique and our qualified teachers work in partnership with whanau to identify and support the individual needs of each child.  Our play-based and child-led curriculum enables many opportunities for teachers and children to engage in meaningful interactions which ensure that children are able to develop skills and knowledge through fun games and play with other children.

This encourages the development of important social skills and allows for the growth of lovely friendships.  Learning journeys are documented using paper-based journals and the online platform of Storypark, which enables whanau to share their child’s journey at Elim with friends and family worldwide.  The learning needs and aspirations of each child will be assessed with whanau on a regular basis.

Wellsprings 0 - 26 Months

Our Wellsprings room is a place for infants and toddlers to explore learn and grow. Each child has a key teacher to build a respectful, reciprocal relationship with them and their family. Teacher’s nurture each child’s sense of belonging and support the development of key dispositions.

Our environment provides:

  • Space to sing, dance and laugh
  • The opportunity to explore relationships and enjoy being with other people.
  • Real grass and mud to run jump and squeal as well as places to refuel, rest and relax.

Streams 2 Years – 6 Years

Our Streams room is a small group of mixed age children, much like you would find in an extended family. This supports a natural learning environment where older children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility towards those that are younger than themselves.

This model also provides a forum for children to step into leadership roles that develop a sense of responsibility towards their community. The small mixed age group invites children to unfold their unique learning journey by creating opportunities for children to express themselves through play.

Our unique program is developed to engage children in rich learning activities that see mathematical and literacy concepts interwoven into everyday activities that become rich learning moments. With the freedom to explore in an open learning environment, children are encouraged to be curious, creative, take risks, and supports them to take responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the environment. Through small group engagement children learn to build lasting relationships and gain confidence in who they are.

Preparing Children for School

The transition to school is an important milestone in the lives of our children and their families and we work in partnership to ensure that the move is an enjoyable occasion. Our dispositional based curriculum draws on recent research regarding child development, and recognises that a child’s ability to work successfully in social situations is far more important that early accumulation of academic information.

Children’s social and emotional competency determines how successfully they are able to make friends, work in a group, negotiate, turn-take, compromise, deal with challenges and persist with difficulty. These dispositions or attitudes to learning will have a real impact on their ability to learn in a school environment and this is the focus of our curriculum.

We concern ourselves with HOW children learn so that we can build self-confidence and positive attitudes towards learning. These learning dispositions will ensure that your child is socially and emotionally ready to manage the academic curriculum of school with confidence.

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