We would love the opportunity to show you and your family around our beautiful centre and introduce you to our friendly staff.  You can ring to arrange a time however our open-door approach means you are able to pop in whenever it is most convenient for you.



We recognise that many of our whanau need to work out of Cambridge and so accommodate travelling needs with longer hours than many other centres.

We are open from 7.15am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday throughout the year and closed for Public Holidays. We accept children from infancy through to school age. Special considerations are given to children under 6 months of age on a case by case basis.


Enrolment Options

We offer a choice of a 6, a 9hour or a full 10-hour day with a minimum enrolment of 2-3 days depending on your child’s age.

We do offer subsidised care for families with special circumstances and these can be applied for by speaking with the Centre Manager.

All our enrolment options include meals so no having to worry about packing a lunchbox every day!



Fees are dependent on the age of your child and the length of their day.

We recognise that life happens and so to support our families we provide fee discounts for absences due to illness, family holidays and public holidays with special discounts over the Christmas and New Year period. Additional discounted days are also provided for children that are under the age of 2.


Wellsprings Room - 1:3 Ratio

Minimum enrolment of 2 days.

This fee band is for children aged from infancy up to 24 months. For children older than 24 months there will be an option to keep their child in Wellsprings for a further 6 months providing the room is continuing to meet the needs of the child.

Fees range from $81.90 to $283.50 (for a full day full week) with many options in between to meet differing needs in our community

Toddler in Streams Room - 1:7 Ratio

Minimum enrolment of 2 days.

When children transition into our Streams room, we support this change by offering a 10% discount for todlers aged 24 -36 months who are not yet able to avail of the 20hrs ECE subsidy. This enables your child to continue to grow in their experiences and learning at Elim.

These fees range from $74.40 through to $257.58 (for a full day full week) with many options in between to suit the differing needs of our community

Streams room - 1:7 Ratio

Minimum enrolment of 3 days.

For children aged 3+ years and therefore eligible for the 20hrs ECE subsidy. Where children utilise the subsidised hours we are able to provide an option of 3 x 6hour days completely free (including meals) which is a first in Cambridge. This enables you to support your child to join our caring learning community without incurring any additional costs*

Fees range from $0 to $161.25 (for a full day full week) with many options in between to suit the differing needs of our community
*Please chat with our team regarding the t&c that apply

*All enrolments outside of the fee bands or additional to your normal enrolment will be charged at $6.50 per hour.

Additional Discounts

  • Sibling Discount
    • Siblings receive a 10% discount (on the lesser fee) for each subsequent child enrolled (for families with 2 or more children in our ELC).
  • Statutory Holidays
    • Fees for statutory holidays receive a 50 % discount.
  • Christmas New Year Period
    • We offer a 100% discount during Christmas/New Year period and these dates are confirmed annually to our families. This is to enable our whanau to spend special time together over the holidays. This must be applied for and attested to by parent/caregiver and confirmed by centre management.
  • Fee Holiday
    • Over and above the discount offered over the Christmas/New Year week, we provide each family with 10 days per calender year at 50% discount for each child. Younger children under the age of 2 receive 15 days per calender year This can be used for holidays or illness in line with our terms and conditions. This must be applied for and attested to by parent/caregiver and confirmed by centre management. These days are offered pro-rata according to enrollment
  • Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave
    • Please enquire about our tailor-made maternity/paternity leave packages. Simply let us know what your needs will be, and we will design an affordable package to suit the needs of you and your whanau


We offer 20 hours ECE and you may be eligible for some childcare assistance.
For more details about subsidies visit the Working for Families website

Parent Testimonials

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My daughter started at Elim when she was one. I truly believe that she's in a supportive and nurturing environment with teachers who care enough to know how to respond to her needs. Every morning they take time to settle her and when I arrive in the afternoon she is always happy and engaged with a teacher.
She is exposed to so many amazing learning experiences by diverse staff with a huge range of talents and skills. I love Elim and would recommend it to anyone.

Parent wishing to remain anonymous
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One of the many things I appreciate about Elim Early Learning Centre is the interest the staff and teachers take in the whole family, not just my toddler. When we come to pick up my toddler, my other child is greeted by her name and often find her engaged in conversations with the staff. Elim has welcomed other important people in my toddler's life into the centre during visits and special occasions. 
This has really helped her sense of belonging, as the connection between her home and centre has been developed and kept strong.

Parent wishing to remain anonymous

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