Wellsprings 0 -26 Months

Our Wellsprings room is a place for infants and toddlers to explore learn and grow.  Each child has a key teacher who strives to build a respectful reciprocal relationship with them and their family.  Teacher’s nurture each child’s sense of belonging and seek to identify their unique strengths and interests.  Our environment provides:

  • Space to sing, dance and laugh
  • A range of interesting and stimulating resources
  • The opportunity to socialise and build friendships

Real grass and mud to run jump and squeal as well as places to refuel rest and relax.

Rainbows 2 Years – 3.5 Years

Our Rainbow’s room has been especially created to meet the needs of toddlerhood.  Our passionate teachers thrive with the challenge of providing an environment with consistency and variety.  Children are given the time and space to express their ideas and opinions.  They experience the freedom to accept a challenge with the reassurance of secure relationships to return to time and time again.  We find joy in creating special spaces that are peaceful, stimulating and empower children to be creative, adventurous, independent, thoughtful and inventive each and every day.

Streams 3.5 Years – 6 Years

The Streams room invites children to unfold their unique learning journey by creating opportunities for children to express themselves through play.  Our unique program is developed to engage children in rich learning activities across the breadth of mathematical and literacy experiences.  Children have the freedom to explore an open learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, risk taking, and supports them to take responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the environment.  Through small group engagement children learn to build lasting relationships and gain confidence in who they are.


The Transformers is a small group of preschool aged children who support each other and work together to develop a love and passion for learning which will flourish throughout their schooling years.  Children’s natural curiosity is encouraged through exploration and by applying their discoveries and understandings to a variety of situations.  Teachers work alongside parents to provide a program that continues to develop basic mathematical and literacy concepts and children gain confidence in who they are while developing the social skills and learning dispositions needed to ensure the transition to school is one that is natural.

Fruit Of The Spirit

At Elim we have a vibrant community of children who are supported to value friendships that foster mutual respect and social responsibility. Our Fruit of the Spirit teachings are weaved throughout our unique faith based curriculum and we seek to enact and role model these in our everyday actions.

First and foremost is LOVE in all its various expressions. This love is revealed through JOY that overflows to those around us. PEACE is discovered within us and found in especially created sanctuary spaces designed to escape from the hustle and bustle of the day. PATIENCE reigns supreme and our teachers have it in abundance. KINDNESS is found in our actions and we know the value of being greeted with a friendly smile. We strive for GOODNESS and to live a life full of virtue. Our FAITH prevails giving us hope, GENTLENESS of heart and strength of spirit through SELF-CONTROL.

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